Mike Bunce

My Personal Site

Welcome to My Site

This is my personal site. In it you will find information about me and my work as an Information Technology professional. You can also find information about me and my family life, but you'll need to have valid log in credentials for that.

What's New

Well, another Christmas and New Year has come and gone. I hope that it was a joyous occation for everyone. I enjoyed a much lighter work schedule and much needed time with my family. Now, I'm refreshed and ready to tackle a new set of projects.

What's Ahead in the New Year

I'll be redesigning a product website for a previous customer. This project will involve upgrading from clasic ASP to ASP.Net. The old site will get a new look, complete with improved navigation and product organization. The back-end database will be converted to SQL Server 2005 and the CMS will be re-done in ASP.Net.

Soon, I'll have a full, on-line portfolio. That's where I'll post descriptions of major projects I've worked on, along with some lessons learned. I'll also highlight exceptional achievements that contributed to the success of the projects.